Simple Guide On Dealing With Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can disrupt the lives of patients who are dealing with such illness. Their activities and routines are restricted and limited to prevent panic attacks from happening. But there are situations that can trigger such attacks and the patients can’t help it.


If you or you know someone who is a suffering from panic attacks, these tips might help:


  • Always have your medication with you

Patients suffering from panic attacks are prescribed with medication to manage their condition. It is a must that you always bring your medication with you. Be sure you have it in your bag at all times. If you suspect that you have a panic attack condition, it would be best to consult with a professional. Panic attacks Dubai experts can recommend the best treatment for you, including the right prescription and medications.


  • Look for a quiet place

A busy, loud and chaotic environment can trigger panic attacks. On the onset of this condition, be sure to look for a quiet place where you can calm yourself. If you are in a busy street, look for the nearest restaurant or coffee shop with less noise. If you are working on a busy workspace, find a quiet space where you can rest your mind, even for a while. If you are living in a busy and noisy city, make your home feel like your safe haven. Sound-proofed your home and be sure that there are less distractions.


  • Try to focus

When you are having a panic attack, you tend to lose focus and become agitated. Try to bring that back by focusing on a single positive thought. You can also repeat a simple physical task until the feeling of anxiety fades. Repeatedly raising your hands over your head, for example, can help you calm your senses.


  • Count until you feel calm

This might be a little cliché but yes, repeatedly counting from one to ten can help you relax and calm. Counting can help you take your mind of the attack and helps get your focus back. If counting is not your thing, you can sing a song in your head or sing it softly until the panic attack subsides.


  • Try to hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is one of the alternative treatment being recommended for patients who are suffering from panic attacks. The patient is put in a focused-attention state though they might look a little sleepy or dozed off. While the patients in on this state, hypnotherapist conduct exercises and techniques that improves the focus of the patient. Hypnotherapy Dubai consists of a number of sessions to manage panic and anxiety attacks.