Things to see in your English tutor

There are few things which you need to learn about your tutor when you are going to prepare for IELTS Abu Dhabi. IELTS is necessary for those people who want to go to the other countries in which the basic language is English. You cannot survive there without knowing the Basic English language. You have to learn English from a good tutor especially when you are not familiar to this language before. To get to a good tutor you need to see the following in them:

Criterion: You need to check the criteria on which a person is claiming himself as an English tutor. You have to first check about the qualifications which he poses. He must have an English literature degree with some other courses. If you see that he lacks this degree or any other equivalent degree then you should not go to him for getting tuitions because he might claiming falsely about knowing English.  

Experience: You have to check the experience of that tutor. If he has more experience then it means he knows more methods to make you understand English better and fast. If a person is just a beginner in the field of tutorship then he might have so much knowledge about this field but he lacks the way of teaching and keeping things simple for the students. If you are just want to know English without any specific purpose like to get a job or to go abroad then you can go to a tutor who is new to this field otherwise you have to select an experienced person.

Institute: While knowing about the experience level of a tutor you also need to know about the institute or institutes where they were teaching before. You have to select the tutor who is teaching in a good institute because these institutes will hire teachers only who are capable enough to teach in effective manner. They do not just hire anybody while in other small institutes or places they hire anyone who come to them saying that he can teach to their students so the experience of those institutes do have a good impact on the experience level of the tutor. Try to find all the details about your tutor and now you can also find one online and learn according to your ease time due to the facility of recording.

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